Concept/Artistic Direction/
Fine Art/Digital Art/A.I.

Consciousness, love, compassion: will we rediscover ourselves humans thanks to artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence without the control of the philosophical soul can become the most destructive tool in the "invisible hands" of the free market and capitalism, as well as representing the randomness of data linked to the productive and social dynamics of turbo-consumerism and personal interests. The artist is responsible for using data, which is not the fruit of his mind but of many flows. 

In working on the new chapter of REWILD: PROTO HUMANS SEEDING THE A.I., we wondered if A.I. should combine elements by emulating biochemical dynamics or create by determining the outcome; or if in order not to remain conceptual in a process that does not determine the outcome, it should be functional to what we would have created, as beings immersed in a creative context made up of places, people and political-social scenarios. We have chosen to start from the role of artificial intelligence within the work/experience and, for this reason, to create two different narrative scenarios: in the first, we explore the FUNCTIONAL potential of A.I. to the creation of predetermined three-dimensional shapes, limiting its freedom of action; in the second, instead, we leave to the characteristics of GENERATIVE AI the freedom to create a dystopian vision of those same predetermined shapes and possibly even new ones in a supervised learning process, thanks partly to malfunctions.